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NDIS Transport Providers Sydney

NDIS Transport Providers Sydney

To get from one place to another, you need transportation to take you there. Going to work, school, medical appointments, run errands, and access a larger part of your community – these are just some of the things you can do with a reliable transportation system. Either through your own vehicle or public transport, you have a range of options in getting to your destination. But if you have a disability, doing so might prove to be a tad bit more challenging.
Fortunately, we have a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in Australia that provides allowances for disabled individuals who require assistance from a transport provider. This is a cost-saving and efficient way to ensure that even with a disability, your day-to-day life remains hassle-free. Here’s more reasons why you should work with NDIS transport services like Care Up:

NDIS Providers Sydney for Disabled Transport Services

The primary function of an NDIS Transport providers such as Care Up is to provide reasonable and necessary supports that will help a participant reach their goals, objectives, and aspirations. Our services, for instance, includes transport service that enables participation in community, social, economic, and daily life activities.

Some reasonable and necessary transport supports may include:

Transport-Related Aids and Equipment
Travel to and from work or study
Vehicle Modification like special seating
Escort for those who cannot travel independently.

We Aim to Help You Achieve Your Goals

No disability should hinder you from achieving your goals. We understand how incapacitating having a disability could feel, but with the right support and resource, you can continue pursuing your heart’s desires without any hitch. We aim to help you become unstoppable!

Before we get to provide transport services, we sit down with you and talk about what you want to achieve other than being taken from point A to point B. As certified NDIS transport companies in sydney, we have an obligation to have a better understanding with what you want to achieve with our services.

Through a holistic approach at providing transport service, we are doing more than just transporting you from one place to another, we would like to be a part of your journey to recovery and success as well.

Registered NDIS Transport Provider

We are fortunate to have an expert team to support all our operations and services. For our NDIS transport services, we have seasoned drivers and disability support workers assigned to work with you. Depending on the arrangement that we will have, our drivers will be at your beck and call whenever, wherever.

They have worked with countless NDIS participants before, and thus have gained the knowledge on how to properly care for them in times when it is needed. We believe that quality service comes from having the best people on board. We work with qualified staff who have had years of experience to ensure that every one who chooses our services gets only the best.

Services Designed for You

Do you need transport services a few times a week? Are you going to be needing transport every single day? There may also be times when your transport needs are irregular, and thus highly unpredictable.

However, hectic schedule could get, we will find a way to design a service that will suit your preferences and convenience. We know how busy life could get and one person’s schedule is not necessarily the same as another, so we will come up with a retrofitted solution for you.

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Registered NDIS Provider

Achieving Your Goals

Services Tailored To You

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