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Care Up proud to offer a wide range of services as a  NDIS Provider that you can trust. 

We know there is a lot of choice when it comes to picking an NDIS Provider but our difference is that with our Experience, Knowledge & Adaptability you can be confident that your loved ones are going to be taken care of by our wide range of support services.

Disability Support Worker

If you have or you know someone who has physical, mental, or intellectual disability, our disability support workers in Sydney can give you the extra help you need to live fulfilled, improved lives. As one of your trusted NDIS disability support service providers, we only give the right kind of quality help to ensure positive outcomes for people with disabilities and their communities.

NDIS Driving Instructor

Who says you cannot go places because of your disability? Your disability should not be a cause for pause in your life. Keep moving, go to the places you want to go, and maintain a sense of independence with specialised driving lessons. If you are an NDIS participant, there are a lot of agencies in Sydney that offer specialised NDIS driving lessons.

Care Up is one of the agencies that offer the driving lessons specialised for individuals with or recovering from injury. Our team has NDIS driving instructors who are highly qualified to take on any NDIS participant and deliver his or her driving needs.

We have been providing driving lessons in Sydney for many years now. Over those years, we have learned that the best way to deliver what you need is to closely collaborate with you. Your needs are our priority, which is why your input would be highly appreciated during the pre-planning phase. Here are more reasons why you should take driving lessons with our NDIS driving instructors:

NDIS Home Modifications

To make homes safer and better suited to one’s current abilities, home modifications need to be done. While it may sound like an exciting feat, without help from the government or other organisations, the entire home modification process can come as a challenge. And if not handled correctly, it can also get very expensive.
To make matters worse, finding home modifications providers can be very exhausting as there are rules and regulations that one must comply for the modifications to be considered legal and safe.

Good thing there are NDIS home modifications providers in Sydney you can count on.

NDIS Support Coordination Providers

Living with a disability can be challenging. Luckily, the Australian government understands the struggle. So, they made support available and accessible to all.

Although there are many schemes in place to help Australians with disabilities, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is probably the most important. The Australian federal government designed it to provide support and fund the needs of about 4.5 million Australians with disability.

What’s great about the NDIS program is it allows those with disabilities to take charge of the available support options. Likewise, it also grants them access help from a specialist support coordinator.

NDIS Transport Providers

To get from one place to another, you need transportation to take you there. Going to work, school, medical appointments, run errands, and access a larger part of your community – these are just some of the things you can do with a reliable transportation system. Either through your own vehicle or public transport, you have a range of options in getting to your destination. But if you have a disability, doing so might prove to be a tad bit more challenging.
Fortunately, we have a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in Australia that provides allowances for disabled individuals who require assistance from a transport provider. This is a cost-saving and efficient way to ensure that even with a disability, your day-to-day life remains hassle-free. Here’s more reasons why you should work with NDIS Transport Providers like Care Up:

Occupational Therapy

Do you have disabilities or health problems? Are you battling with the effects of ageing? Care Up offers occupational therapy in Sydney for people who are having difficulties with their daily activities. Our occupational therapists and experts in the field work to improve your safety, access, and independence.

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